ep04.점심시간은 즐거워; LUnch breaks are fun

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1minute Korean Short stories episode 09. 점심시간은 즐거워 ;Lunch breaks are fun/ Written and recorded by Miso

Here is 4th episode of a day of Min-a. The boring morning classes are finally over, and the fun part is waiting for her to enjoy. Please click the audio file below to listen to the story.


점심시간은 즐거워

(안녕하세요. 미소 입니다. 날씨가 많이 더워졌더라구요. 이제 정말 여름이 온것 같습니다. 저도 학교 다닐때 학교에 가자마자 점심시간을 기다리곤 했었는데요. 민아도 학교에서 가장 좋아하는 시간이 점심시간이라고 해요. 오늘도 미소와 함께 하는 1분 한국어이야기를 통해 즐겁게 한국어 공부하시기 바래요. )

수업이 드디어 다 끝나고, 점심시간이 왔어요. 민아는 친구들과 함께 급식실로 달려가 줄을 섰어요. 오늘 메뉴는 민아가 좋아하는 김치볶음밥과, 잡채였어요. 오늘따라 급식을 기다리는 줄이 너무 길게 느껴졌어요. 민아는 친구들과 이야기하며 10분만에 점심을 먹고 나서는 학교 앞 편의점으로 달려갔어요. 오늘은 민아가 친구들에게 아이스크림을 사주기로 한 날이에요. 4개의 아이스크림을 사서 돌아온 미나는 친구들과 함께 운동장 벤치에 앉아 어젯밤 본 드라마 이야기를 하며 천천히 아이스크림을 녹여 먹었어요. 아이스크림을 다 먹은 뒤 이번 주말에 친구들과 영화를 보러갈 계획을 하고 있는데 점심시간이 끝났다는 종이 울렸어요.

English translation

EP04. Lunch breaks are fun

(Hello, this is Miso. The weather has gotten much hotter. It really feels like summer has arrived. When I used to go to school, I would always look forward to lunch break as soon as I got to school. Min-a also says that her favorite time at school is lunch break. I hope you enjoy studying Korean through today’s 1-minute Korean short story with Miso.)

Finally, all the classes are over, and lunch break has come. Min-a ran to the cafeteria with her friends and stood in line. Today’s menu was Kimchi Fried Rice and Japchae, which Min-a likes. Today, the wait for lunch felt unusually long. Min-a talked with her friends and finished her lunch in just 10 minutes, then hurried to the convenience store in front of the school. Today, Min-a decided to buy ice cream for her friends. After buying four ice creams, Min-a returned and sat on a bench on the school playground with her friends. They slowly enjoyed their ice creams while talking about the drama they watched last night. After finishing the ice creams, they made plans to go watch a movie with friends this weekend. Just as they were making plans, the bell signaling the end of lunch break rang.

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