1minute Korean Short Stories EP07.친구와의 말다툼

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Learning Korean through short Korean stories is fun and easy! Each story is only 1 minute long and consists of everyday vocabulary. By listening, you will learn Korean words and expressions that are used in everyday life.

Here is the 7th episode of ‘A Day of Min-a’.

In this episode, Min-a is having ar argument with her friend.

All stories are written and recorded by MISO. Please listen to the story as many times as possible and repeat after!

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EP07. 친구와의 말다툼

안녕하세요. 미소입니다. 에피소드가 너무 뜸하게 올라오죠? 앞으로는 조금 더 자주 올려보도록 노력해 보겠습니다. 그럼 일곱 번째 에피소드 “친구와의 말다툼” 시작하겠습니다.

민아는 미술 학원에 들어가 자리에 앉았어요. 민아의 옆자리는 어릴 때부터 소꿉친구였던 수진이가 앉았어요.수진이와는 초등학교 중학교는 같은 학교를 다녔지만 수진이가 옆 동네로 이사를 가면서 고등학교는 다른 학교를 다니고 있어요. 둘은 선생님의 지도에 따라 그림을 그리고 있었어요. 그때 수진이가 말을 걸기 시작했어요.” 이번 토요일에 같이 새 붓이랑, 아크릴 물감 사러 가기로 한거 잊지 않았지?” 민아는 순간 화들짝 놀라며 대답했어요.” 앗! 미안해 수진아. 나 깜빡하고 학교 친구들하고 영화 보러 가기로 했어. 일요일에 아니면 다음 주에 가면 안될까?” 그러자 수진이는 화난 표정으로 대답했어요.” 내가 전에 말했잖아! 일요일에는 나도 약속이 있고, 붓이랑 새 물감 다음 주 안에 필요해서 꼭 이번주에 사야한다고! 됐어. 나 혼자 가지 뭐!” 민아가 몇 번이나 미안하다고 사과했지만 수진이는 집에 갈 때까지 민아에게 한마디도 하지 않았어요.

English translation

Hello, this is Miso. Episodes have been coming out a bit infrequently, haven’t they? I’ll try to post them more regularly in the future. Now, let’s begin the seventh episode, “Argument with a Friend.”

Min-a entered the art academy and took her seat. Seated next to Min-a was Sujin, her childhood friend since they were young. While they attended the same school from elementary to middle school, Sujin moved to a neighboring area and now goes to a different school for high school. Both of them were drawing according to the teacher’s guidance. That’s when Sujin started a conversation.

“You didn’t forget that we planned to buy new paintbrushes and acrylic paints this Saturday, did you?” Min-a was momentarily surprised and replied, “Oops! Sorry, Sujin. I forgot. I made plans to watch a movie with my school friends. Could we go on Sunday or maybe next week?” In response, Sujin answered with an annoyed expression, “I told you before! I have plans on Sunday too, and I need the brushes and new paints next week so we have to buy them this Saturday! Fine, I’ll just go alone!” Despite Min-a apologizing repeatedly and saying sorry, Sujin didn’t say a word to Min-a until they went home.

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