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Learning Korean through short Korean stories is fun and easy!

Here is the 6th episode of ‘A Day of Min-a’.

In this episode, Min-a is going to an art class after school.

All stories are written and recorded by MISO. Please listen to the story as many times as possible and repeat after!

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EP06. 미술학원

안녕하세요. 미소입니다. 수업이 끝나고 민아에게는 어떤 일이 생길까요? 그럼 바로 시작하겠습니다.

드디어 모든 학교 수업이 끝나고, 민아는 책상을 정리한 후 친구들과 내일 보자고 인사를 했어요. 오늘은 미술 학원을 가는 날이에요. 민아는 대학에서 미술을 전공하고 싶어서 중학교 때부터 미술 학원에서 매일 그림을 그리고 있어요. 학교에서 학원까지 걸어서 10분 거리이고 학원 수업이 시작하기까지 30분 정도 남아 있어서, 민아는 일부러 오래 걸리는 길을 선택해 천천히 걸어갔어요. ‘오늘 날씨가 너무 좋다. 학원 안 가고, 친구들하고 놀았으면 좋겠다’. 시원한 바람과, 파랗고 예쁜 5월의 하늘이 민아를 설레게 했어요. 민아는 핸드폰을 들어서 친구들에게 ‘오늘 학원 안 가고 놀까 ?’라고 문자를 보내려다가 ‘이번 토요일에 친구들이랑 영화 보러 가기로 했지’라고 떠올리며 학원 쪽으로 빠르게 걸어갔어요.

English Translation

Hello, this is Miso!

After all the school classes ended, Min-ah said goodbye to her friends after clearing up her desk. Today is the day she goes to the art academy. Since middle school, Min-ah has been drawing pictures every day at an art academy because she wants to major in art in college. The academy is a 10-minute walk from her school, and there’s about 30 minutes until the academy class starts, so Min-ah purposely chose a longer route to walk slowly. “The weather is so nice today. I wish I could just hang out with my friends instead of going to the academy.” The cool breeze and the beautiful blue May sky made Min-ah excited. She took out her phone to text her friends, “Should I skip the art class and hang out?” but then she remembered, “I’m going to the movies with my friends this Saturday,” and she quickly walked toward the academy.

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