1 minute korean short stories ep01.민아의 아침( MIN-A’S MORNING)

There will be 10 epsidoes about a day of MIN-A. All of the stories are written and recorded by MISO. In the first epidsode, Min-a wakes up and gets ready for school. This Min-a’s story is for intermediate-level or above- level learners.

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Please listen to the story as many as possible and repeat after!

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  1. 민아의 아침 script

민아는 아침을 알리는 핸드폰 알람 소리에 놀라 잠에서 깨었어요. ‘아..5분만 더 자고 싶다’는 생각을 하며 눈을 뜨고는 화장실로 갔어요. 차가운 물에 세수를 하고 양치질을 하고 있는데 아래층에서 엄마가 외치는 소리가 들렸어요. “민아야! 아침준비 다 돼었으니 밥먹어라!” 민아는 양치질을 하느라고 대답을 할 수 가 없었어요. 그러자 엄마가 다시 더 크게 외쳤어요 . “ 민아야! 아침 먹으라고!!! 얼른 안먹으면 학교에 늦을지도 몰라!” 민아는 입을 헹구고는 짜증난 목소리로 대답했어요. “ 양치질하고 있는데 어떻게 대답을 해요! 지금 내려갈게요!” 민아는 쿵쿵 발소리를 내며 아래층으로 내려가 식탁에 앉았어요. 오늘 아침은 밥과 미역국, 김치와 계란후라이였어요. “엄마! 나 아침에 밥이랑 국먹는거 싫다고 했잖아요. 다음부터는 간단하게 토스트해주세요!” 엄마는 알았어 라고 짧게 말하고는 출근준비를 위해 윗층으로 올라갔어요. 민아는 5분만에 아침식사를 끝내고는 교복을 입고 학교로 갔어요.

English translation

  1. Min-a’s Morning

Min-a was startled awake by the sound of her phone alarm, announcing the morning. “Ah… I want to sleep for just five more minutes,” she thought as she opened her eyes and went to the bathroom. While washing her face with cold water and brushing her teeth, she heard her mom shouting from downstairs. “Min-a! Breakfast is ready, now eat !” Min-a couldn’t respond because she was busy brushing her teeth. Then her mom shouted even louder, “Min-a! Eat breakfast!!! Hurry up, or you might be late for school!” Min-a rinsed her mouth and replied with an annoyed voice, “How can I answer while I’m brushing my teeth! I’ll come down now!” Min-a stomped downstairs, and sat at the dining table. This morning’s meal consisted of rice, seaweed soup, kimchi, and fried eggs. “Mom! I told you I don’t want to eat rice and soup for breakfast. Please make me a simple toast next time!” Her mom replied shortly, saying she understood, and went upstairs to get ready for work. Min-a finished her breakfast in five minutes, put on her school uniform, and went to school.

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  1. Hello, I’m from Austria and I think your podcast is really cool. Please do more episodes.
    Since I’m only trying to learn Korean with stories, it would help me if you could create a word for word translation.
    I think it’s great what you do. Fighting!

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